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...advocating women emancipation, advancement & gender empowerment..

The Women Advancement Forum in New York City, NY come 2020 will be graced by renowned conference speakers who will inspire more than 500 event participants coming from different parts of the globe about the importance of women emancipation, advancement and gender empowerment. The number of interested individuals who want to speak/present papers at WAF is growing every year. These requests come from professional speakers, business leaders, and women leaders among others. These important figures have developed a strong desire to share their experiences, stories, ideas, solutions, aspirations, passions, and thoughts in business, politics, corporate environments, voluntary service, and the society in general. It is all in the bid to actualize and transform the world through the emancipation and empowerment, inspiration and motivation, and advancement and networking for women and children for sustainable development and growth.

Opportunity to speak at WAF is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you may wish to make your choice of topic and category from the provisional conference program found on our website. The speaker should have a topical presentation not found in our current year’s topics. Please feel free to contact us for inclusion and ratification. Terms and conditions apply.